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Cap Construction

Cap construction and cap size info for full lace wig as below(inches):

   small  small to medium  medium to large  large
 cricumference  21  21.5/22  22.5/23  23.5
 front to nape  13.5  14.5  15  15.5
 ear to ear cross front  11.5  12  12.5  13
 ear to ear over top  12  12.5  13  13.2
 temple to temple  14  15.3  15.5  16
 nape  4.5  5  5.5  5.5



Cap construction: 

Full lace wig cap construction:      CAP01/CAP02/CAP04/CAP04B/CAP05
     Lace front wig cap construction:  CAP08/CAP09
     Glueless wig cap construction:     CAP11
     Silk top wig cap connstruction:     CAP06
     Thin skin wig cap construction:     CAP03/CAP07
     Glueless lace wig+silk top :          CAP10


The crown is stretch lace , the other is swiss lace or French lace. can wear in  high ponytail



   all  lace ( swiss lace or French lace)can wear in high ponytail





   Thin Skin perimeter ,the rest is lace (French lace or swiss lace)

   can wear in high ponytail





   Back from ear to ear is stretch lace and the rest is lace ( swiss lace or French lace )





   Back from ear to ear is stretch lace, near ear is 1 inches thin skin, the rest is lace(swiss lace or french lace)




   From forehead to top is swiss lace or french lace, and from top to back of nape is stretch lace,
   and also there is strap in back , so you can adjust circumference to fit your head ,

   but can not wear in high ponytail



   CAP06--silk top cap ( most natural in front)

   Very natural hairline in front

   inside cap below



   CAP06 outside in front , you can not see knots




   CAP07  full thin skin cap



   CAP08-swiss lace (or french lace) in front.  machine weft at back.handmade in front. very natural hairline in front.(cap08 is lace front wig cap style)




   Cap09 lace front  wig cap, too. lace in front.  machine weft at back and handmade  in front. add adjustable strap at back, comb in front top and

   both side.





   CAP10-Jewish wig cap, silk top(hidden knots) in front and machine weft at back.much natural like your own hair


   CAP10-outside cap in front,natural hair like your own




   CAP11-glueless full lace wig  wig cap, 100% hand made, 100% human hair , no need glue or tape . 


   If you do not find cap construction suits you best, please tell us your detailed request, we can produce as your request .


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